2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van Manchester NH

New Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van  at Team Nissan near Concord, NH

The 2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van is a full-size cargo or passenger van constructed on the Nissan Titan pickup truck platform. Choices of regular and high-roof models and V6 or V8 engines, are designed to meet the needs of people who need a van for business.

Powering the Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van

The 2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van is equipped with a standard 4.0-liter V-6 engine that generates 261 horsepower and 281 lb.-ft. of torque. Power to the rear wheels is delivered by a 5-speed automatic transmission. The 2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van is equipped with 4-wheel ventilated disc anti-lock brakes with brake assist, and a traction and stability control system. The Nissan NV's ride and handling are about what you'd expect from a massive box on wheels. The NV2500 seems a bit squirrelly driving around empty. That said, we do laud its suspension, which did a good job stabilizing this big rig. A Traction Control feature makes use of sensors to ascertain when your vehicle suffers a loss of traction, and will alter the vehicle's power and handling to help with regaining and maintaining control. If road conditions lead to a loss of control, even just a little bit, an Electronic Stability system will activate and work with the brakes to mitigate over or understeering, and help get you back on track safely.

The 2014 NV2500 Cargo Van 's Design

In profile, the Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van looks like either a rectangle or a high-top sneaker on wheels. The former look comes with the standard roof height and the latter with the high-roof option. With the high-roof option, a 6-foot-3 person can stand upright in the cargo area. Standard equipment includes 17-inch steel wheels, rear cargo doors that open at 243-degree angles, and include magnetic door locks. If you've ever had to wrangle your way past a web of ceiling-mounted seat belts to reach the back of a shuttle, the Nissan NV's clever way of integrating the belts into the seats is a welcome solution.


The 2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van offers comfortable seating, no-nonsense functional cargo layout, and a low step-in height to cargo space. The roof payload maxes out at 3,290lbs and has a towing capacity of 7,000lbs which is designed to meet the needs of business owners.

Learn more about this model on the Official Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van  Website.

Features of the 2014 Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van

  • 261-HP 4.0 Liter V6 Engine
  • Available 317-HP 5.6-Liter V8 Engines
  • 5-Speed Automatic
  • Standard Roof or High Roof
  • Available Nissan Fleet Tracker System