It's Springtime and Fast Becoming Summer Here in Manchester, NH -- Take Care of Your Seasonal Auto Service Here at Team Nissan Inc.

March winds are long gone. Those April showers have certainly had their day here in southern New Hampshire, too. We're beginning to see a few of those May flowers the old sing-song talks about. Here in Manchester, we all know what that means. Other than New England settler references, it means it's time to bring your new Nissan or pre-owned vehicle back up to speed for the warmer months.

Whether the colder months have made necessary the most minor of car repairs, you're looking to undergo the latest round of factory-scheduled maintenance, or just in need of regular service, our auto service professionals are here to help. But before you head out to see us here at Team Nissan Inc., it's a good idea to take stock of a few major vehicle areas, so you know what to keep an eye out for and, more importantly, what to expect when pulling into the service lane.

First, consider your under-hood components. Take a look at your engine, belts, hoses, and coolant. Notice any brittleness, connection wear, low fluid levels, or even that coolant discoloration (from age)? Be sure to make a note. Ensuring that all is in order can mean not only a Nissan Rogue or Frontier working properly but also the avoidance of overheating as spring temps begin to climb.

Next, review the condition of your wiper blades and other windshield issues. Debris can build up, and the colder climate can cause cracks or other wear, affecting operation and reducing visibility. Swap out any necessary parts to stay ahead of spring's weather. For that, our on-site parts center's team of pros can help.

Third, examine your tires and tire pressure levels. Even if you filled up at the right PSI before the snow flew, pressure can decrease as ambient air contracts during the chillier months. Once things warm up, pressure can rise. If it does so beyond manufacturer specs, it can negatively affect driving a more energetic model like the Nissan 370Z or GT-R sports car. The same goes for the fuel efficiency of any new Nissan car, truck, or SUV.

Finally, but not all, get a feel for how your alignment and suspension are working. Freezing temperatures can adversely affect each, whether you're driving a new or used car, especially if you and yours frequently travel across pothole-strewn asphalt or other markedly rugged landscapes. Try to gauge how your vehicle handles. Odd pulling or other problems can indicate misalignment, which can bring about damage to components, premature tire wear, issues with steering, and even a decrease in fuel economy. If you haven't had your alignment checked in 6,000 miles or so, it's a good idea to make a note of it for your service visit. You can even get your suspension examined simultaneously for convenience.

As thorough auto repair to-do lists for the spring season are concerned, this is a great start. But no matter what work you may or may not need, we'll be happy to provide an in-person consultation to assess the situation better. You can even pen yourself in right here on our website. Then, when you're ready, be sure to stop in and see us here on Keller Street. We're looking forward to delivering the quality of maintenance that you and your vehicle deserve!

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