Improve Your Gas Mileage! Save Money!

  1. Keep you vehicle properly maintained
    • A clean air filter lets the engine breathe easily and get the proper fuel and air mixture. Genuine Nissan quality filters can take out engine destroying dust and grit from the air while still allowing proper air flow for good engine breathing. Cheap quality filters may not properly filter out engine destroying particles in the air or they may constrict the airflow. Some service centers may be using lower level filters instead of the Original Equipment Manufacturer filters to cut costs since you won’t “see” the cheaper filter.
    • Oil changes performed properly with the recommended weight engine oil. Wrong engine oil weight can lower your engine efficiency and its mileage. Use the proper specification oil and oil filters. Proper Nissan quality filters assure that you have the proper filtration of the motor oil as well as the proper mechanisms to keep the oil flowing in severe use. Discount service centers may not follow your vehicle maker’s specifications. You have a big investment in your vehicle…don’t risk it…be sure of the quality by asking beforehand.
    • Have your fuel injectors cleaned and fuel system maintained. The fuel injector nozzles are tiny openings designed to deliver a specific spray pattern with a certain volume. Any deposit buildup on the nozzles can obstruct and lean out the fuel/air mixture. This leads to the potential for harmful engine detonation, rough idle, higher emissions levels, hesitation and loss of power. Protect your engine and performance levels with a fuel injector cleaning.
    • Check your tire pressure. It affects the gas mileage, the vehicle handling, the life of the tire and the safety of your vehicle. Nitrogen tire inflation systems have been shown to help maintain tire pressure significantly longer and help extend the life of the rubber compounds in your tires by helping to prevent oxidation. Click for more detailed information on this technology – Nitrogen tire inflation systems
    • Have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked and adjusted. This helps improve your vehicle’s rolling efficiency, handling and gives the maximum wear life to your tires.
    • Have your brakes checked for dragging. A stuck piston, stuck brake shoe adjuster or emergency brake that is misadjusted can hurt your mileage considerably.
    • Is your engine tuned with good spark plugs, wires and running smoothly?
  2. Keep your vehicle speed as smooth as possible and make any needed changes of speed gradually. Watch the traffic ahead so that you can make smooth lane changes with minimal speed fluctuations. Aggressive driving with quick accelerations and quick braking hurt your mileage tremendously.
  3. If your vehicle is equipped with Transmission Overdrive, check and be sure it is not accidentally turned off.
  4. Be sure to use the required octane level of gas for your vehicle. The recommended octane level normally gives you optimal mileage and the proper combustion timing for safe engine operation. Using lower than recommended octane levels will save pennies, but often will result in lower mileage along with the possibility of engine damage if detonation or engine knock should occur.
  5. Don’t drive with your left foot on the brake. Even a slight actuation of the brakes is going to hurt your mileage in addition to accelerating the wear on your brake components.
  6. Don’t drive with unnecessary roof rack components since this is just more weight as well as making more wind resistance that gets worse the faster you drive. Remove items from your trunk that are not needed. You don’t want to be hauling extra weight around.
  7. Wider aftermarket tires and larger wheels give your vehicle a sporty look, but you pay a penalty for the extra weight, tire contact and rolling resistance. Custom wheels and tires in the same size and width as your vehicles original equipment will let you customize your vehicle’s look and will keep your mileage as engineered by the manufacturer.
  8. Obey the highway speed limit. Speeds above 65 mph rapidly lower your gas mileage. Slow down and go the speed limits and you can save gas, save money and be safer as well.

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